Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Improv v.1

So this project is kicking my butt! Not having a plan is hard for me. I have made two blocks now and the second is better than the first and hopefully I'll make the third even better. Colorway: Aqua/Red. Challenging but I love the combo. Here are the first two blocks. The first started out well and then...I got too skinny at the edge. I will use this one and now to make another worth sending. I hope that I can send two. Then comes the challenge of an improv piece to coordinate with the new bed quilt in black and green.

Edges are too narrow on this one and
the circle is not perfect enough. I do like the
off-set angle and the striped fabric.

This one is better but I got a little too straight
when I got out of the inside wonkiness. I do like
the little 4 patch on the border.


  1. I love the circle one, but I am biased...

  2. Crazy blocks! I'm just trying to get some Half-Rectangle Squares to work for Andrew's rocket quilt.