Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Goals

I have broken up the year into what I hope will be manageable goals. I have tons of things to do but find myself getting weary of deadlines. So, in the next week I need to finish up some projects to stay on target and not fall any farther behind.

I need to make 5 aprons and bind 1 baby quilt and one week.

Somehow the time will magically appear right? Between the full time job of SAHM and a class at college and various service projects I'm sure there is time. This sounds like I need some serious time management and no iPhone play time!

I've also added one more twin quilt for the year that has to be done by June. Sooner if possible. Picture this in blues and greens and one in yellows and oranges. Good times.

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Projects and Where I've been

The two quilts here are by my two oldest kids. Liz (8) designed and quilted the little owl quilt (8"x10") and the patchwork is by Ian (6). The bibs and such were for baby gifts. The pillow case was designed by Liz and constructed by me for a birthday gift. Here is the pattern I used for bib guidance. Basically you take an existing bib that you like and trace it. You could add terry cloth or vinyl to make them more absorbable. I used velcro because it's fast but you could do a button.

I finally finished this apron for my sister, 6 months late. She modeled it for me. Lemon and Lime. My husband is into bowties right now. They are really expensive to buy so we searched and found a pattern on-line. Trying to find fabric the looks good in tie form is also very hard. So we started taking apart ties he had and that we found for $5 or less. The result is, he is now a master tie maker! He has made nearly a dozen.
I gave him his own sewing box for Christmas because we don't do well sharing tools! We made a muslin draft first just to be sure we had the size right. Then he chopped up his one of his mission ties. We bought one tie with a slide and used it as a template for length. Interfacing on both sides has proved good when using a light weight interfacing. He made one without and it is too flimsy.

If you would like to know where I've been or rather why I haven't posted in an age you can see our family blog.
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A Couple of Christmas Crafts

I just now have time to sit down and type (more in the next post). These are a couple of the things I did for Christmas this year. I asked my 3 y/o son what animal we should make for his 5 y/o cousin. He said a ladybug. This is what we came up with. I didn't put eyes on it because I was in a hurry and in baby mode it never occured to me to put googly eyes on. So my nephew called him the blind ladybug! The quillow was for the same nephew. He sees yellow best so I made a cheery side and a space side which is his obsession. Space that is. The pillow pocket was made from a scrap section from a quilt my son made. The story of fabric combination: the lizards are riding the hot air balloons up to outerspace. Love the imagination. The stockings I made a few years ago. I spent a long time searching for the right fabric. A good family friend made me the the burgundy one years ago before I went to college. I didn't have time to make a new one for the baby because of emergency travel. I made some pillow cases and a couple of other things but I forgot to take pictures of the aprons and pillowcases. I am now playing catch up.
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