Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Quilting Journey Part VII 2008

This year brought some craftiness along with the quilts. My daughter wanted to give a monkey as a gift. I have an opposition to giving stuffed animals anymore (we have a ton) and so I drafted these little monkeys. I used felt but fleece would work too. I let the kids choose the face placement and colors.

The little tote bag is from a super easy project that a friend showed me how to make. They make great gifts and the possibilities are endless. The birds and blocks were a fun and fast project. I had to make 3 birds for each child and one for the baby. I wasn't happy with just one size so I made a small, medium and large. The small ones are about 2" long. I still have a whole flock to sew up.

I have been amazed at the talent out there and the generosity of those who share the how-to's via flickr and blogs. It has given me new inspiration and a renewed desire to create. I am back on it after a few months off and I am excited to start reaching some of my crafting goals for 2009. You can see those in my very first post. Can anyone tell me how to link back to old posts?
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