Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oliver's Quilt

I have been gone for a long time.  Not because I haven't been doing crafty things but I find getting the posts up so tedious that I gave up.  But his quilt for my cousin's first baby made me want to share.  I love this quilt.  It was adapted from a quilt in a magazine (McCall's Quick Quilts, October/November 2011) The sock monkey is an obsession.  I decided that I needed to make a bunch, as in 16!  So far I have make about 10.  The ribbon ball was made using scraps from the quilt.  The book is our favorite.  We first read it on our honeymoon is Seattle WA and I have Scott a copy for our first anniversary and he got me the bunnies!  We still have them on the shelf with our books 13 years later. The bib is a pattern taken from one of our old bibs. I made a template out of craft paper and one out of freezer paper.  I like the freezer paper because I can iron it directly to the fabric and I don't have to pin to cut it out!

Another reason I quit was photos. I am stunned by the staging and photos some people take.  But, I'm not them and I'm just happy to document the creations that are made in the house and are usually given away.  And, I have been seriously distracted by Pinterest. I mean how could I not get lost in all those amazing ideas in one place!  The monkeys are actually from a pin.  So I am making some of the things I find!

The label on the back is solid grey and it's kind of a fun shape for a label.  I think I would make it smaller next time. The backing/binding fabric is from Hobby Lobby. I think it is a Brother Sister design.