Friday, January 30, 2009

Dress Fabric Dilemma

So EJ is getting baptized in March and I am going to venture out to make her a dress. I have decided that it's not going to be white. I just want it to be a special dress. I've decided to combine two different 1950's party dress patterns. I am going to take the sleeve from the size 6 (no. 2) and the rest from the size 10 (no. 1). If only I could have found a size 8 but I am not going to buy more patterns, though there are lots on ebay.

We went fabric shopping the other day and it was less than successful. We did make some progress though. She would like either yellow or blue. Paisley or polka dots. Though I did find this great pintuck fabric in white. I refrained from buying it.

This is the paisley I have that she likes only it would be "great" in yellow. Hmm....Not as easy to find as I was hoping. I guess I have all of February to find the fabric and scramble to complete the dress in March.

Another thing, do I need to make a slip to go under this to make it fluffy? I am putting off thinking of how hard this is going to be until I finish some other projects.

I am going to try the mall and see if we can find anything that would fit the bill of great party dress that is wonderful and modest. But I think those kind of dresses are out of my price range! I remember this great pink and white dress that seriously twirled. My grandmother bought it for me as it was around $80. I loved that dress. That is the kind of feeling and memory I am going for.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Improv v.1

So this project is kicking my butt! Not having a plan is hard for me. I have made two blocks now and the second is better than the first and hopefully I'll make the third even better. Colorway: Aqua/Red. Challenging but I love the combo. Here are the first two blocks. The first started out well and then...I got too skinny at the edge. I will use this one and now to make another worth sending. I hope that I can send two. Then comes the challenge of an improv piece to coordinate with the new bed quilt in black and green.

Edges are too narrow on this one and
the circle is not perfect enough. I do like the
off-set angle and the striped fabric.

This one is better but I got a little too straight
when I got out of the inside wonkiness. I do like
the little 4 patch on the border.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Quilting Journey Part VII 2008

This year brought some craftiness along with the quilts. My daughter wanted to give a monkey as a gift. I have an opposition to giving stuffed animals anymore (we have a ton) and so I drafted these little monkeys. I used felt but fleece would work too. I let the kids choose the face placement and colors.

The little tote bag is from a super easy project that a friend showed me how to make. They make great gifts and the possibilities are endless. The birds and blocks were a fun and fast project. I had to make 3 birds for each child and one for the baby. I wasn't happy with just one size so I made a small, medium and large. The small ones are about 2" long. I still have a whole flock to sew up.

I have been amazed at the talent out there and the generosity of those who share the how-to's via flickr and blogs. It has given me new inspiration and a renewed desire to create. I am back on it after a few months off and I am excited to start reaching some of my crafting goals for 2009. You can see those in my very first post. Can anyone tell me how to link back to old posts?
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Quilting Journey part VI 2007

This was a quieter year for quilting as we relocated half way through the year. 4 baby quilts and 7 doll quilts. I really like the ones I did get to make. Poppies and John Deere were my favorites. The woven one is cool too. I would recommend that the applique be finished before you quilt. I still haven't tacked the rabbit down. It's just fused and starting to get a little bit frayed. Using fabrics you love makes such a diffence in how the quilt turns out. I keep having to remind myself to only by fabric I adore even if it costs more. More of fabric you don't like isn't very helpful when you only have the stash to use.
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Quilting Journey Part V 2006

This was a busy year for quilting. Lots of baby quilts, doll quilts, some just because quilts and one king size.
I spent two years on the king size quilt. I had a very hard time finding the right fabric for this quilt. I also went through several drafts before coming back to the original design.
The castle quilts were a fun project. I still need to make one for our house. The EQ5 program has made designing my own quilts a lot of fun.
I put together two good bye quilts for friends that were moving away. I had our other quilting buddies send fabric. One was green and the other theme was color. I chose asian prints for the front side because Amy and her husband met in China. The green one has more of an organic feel and the signature blocks on the back were really great.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quilting Journey part IV 2005

I started using the EQ5 program in the second half of the year. It has been fun to experiment with the design elements. While I still use graph paper for some things the program has helped a lot in color placement and options. The reversible quilt took more time than I thought it would and I managed to get one block set backwards but didn't notice until I took the final photo. The reversible binding was a cool technique to learn. I should try it again! I made another flower quilt, for my daughter this time. Another year off from Large quilts.
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My Journey Part III 2004

Lots of small quilts for dolls and babies and finally finished the quilt for my daughter. The flower quilt was a fun original design. I love the one for my nephew, trip around the world, the way the colors move. Lots of fun squares this year. Started thinking about dolls too. Didn't make anymore than three to start. Only got back to things in 3-D again in 2008.
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My Journey Part II 2003

2003 and saw a slow down in the big quilts. It feels like I made more things but this seems to be all of them. I think they came in waves. I love the aprons and making them is fun and simple. I love the pillows especially the center one. The back of the log cabin quilt is another favorite. The large scale was fun to work on.
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My Journey Part One 2001-2002

It all started with this blanket stitched heart block. The obsession has continued and still goes strong. I started doing large quilts but quickly moved to small quilts, mostly baby quilts for friends. The stash is large now and making quilts mostly from the stash is a new goal.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The world of quilting

I have been quilting since 2001. Mostly self taught and inspired by countless friends. I want to share what I do in between mothering and serving and keeping things running at home. I find myself moving from very traditional quilts to a more minimal modern look. I have some lofty goals for this year. I don't forsee this blog as an everyday thing for me. I am hoping for a once a week update and to use it as a journal of the past projects.

Baby Quilts: 6

First is to finish the baby quilt for baby no. 4. He is already 4 months old! Next is a baby quilt for a dear friend at purple petunia. She is one of my crafting buddies and inspirations. I have at least 2-3 more baby quilts to make in addition to these two.

Quilt for Valerie Spencer's quilt

Twin quilts: 3

My brother asked me to make bed quilts for their two girls. One likes pink and purple and the other is blue and a little bit of green. I want to to finish the one I started for my second son 2 years ago. I ran into a snag and neatly tucked it away. I think I am ready to tackle it again.

Quilts for my parents: 2-3

I have been putting off this project for a while. My mom has a queen sized quilt I made for her a few years ago. I want to make my parents throw quilts. Something to be warm and cozy under. A hug from me. Maybe a wallhanging too for my dad. He winters in Mexico and that might be the inspriration for that quilt.

My final goal for the year:
A king size quilt for US. I make lots of quilts. Very few stay in our house. I saw this quilt and thought this is it! I have drawn many drafts and started on thinking that was the one. But a project this big can lose it's appeal before it's done. I asked my husband what his two favorite colors and black! How very interesting. I just bought 10 yards of black. Now to piece and accent with some great greens.