Thursday, May 21, 2015

A long absence

Hello world!  I'm fairly certain that most anyone who used to read this blog has moved on to others. I have tried to post many times over the past two years but technical difficulties stopped me. It's a love-hate relationship. 

There have been many projects made and thousands of miles travels and photos taken. 

The most recent quilt was another t-shirt quilt. This time for our principal who is retiring. She gave me her shirts a couple of months ago and this is the end result. I made the blocks bigger this time (cut 13x18). 

The back got the signature blocks from each grade, two preschool classes and the faculty and staff. 
The white bit of binding on the left side is where I signed my name. A label of sorts. 

The sharpies mostly washed well. I need to remember next time to only use Sharpie brand. Other tend to bleed when washed even after being heat set. 

I quilting all over with a meandering pattern. So rusty but I was surprised at how quickly it quilted. Faster than the other quilt I had just finished with straight line quilting. 

She loves the quilt and said she has it draped over a chair at home and no one is allowed to touch it!  Hopefully she will enjoy when she is missing us and smile at the names and the memories made.