Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crochet Hook Storage Bag Tutorial

I did this thinking it would be easy and quick. It was but I see now writing this out that I should have taken more pictures. More step-by-step would have been good. Though not many people will see this so I guess my deficiency at this first attempt will be okay.

I started this project with 2 fat quarters. With the right sides together sew using a 1/4" seam allowance leaving a 3" opening. Trim the corners and flip right side out. Press making sure the opening is nicely lined up. Top stitch around the outside edge. I had my needle set to the far right and ran the edge of the fabric along the inside edge of the presser foot.

Here it is flipped and top-stitched. Next you will need to fold up the bottom 1/3 to accommodate your hooks. Sew pockets about 1" apart all along the width of the fabric. I left the last two wider to accommodate scissors etc.

Next you will fold down the top part to cover the hooks. This will keep them from falling out. Fold it down and pin. Then top-stitch the whole side shut.

Finally you will need to add a ribbon or yarn to tie the whole case closed. At first I put tie right in the middle of the case. That didn't work. It has to be almost all the way to one end. I think it was about 3" from the end. Secure it down with some stitching. Roll it up and tie it with a bow!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Newest projects

It has taken me way to long to finish this little baby quilt. I had the top finished in November but I was out of town and then the funerals. I finally got the backing and the binding on and a label! The recipient loved it (well his mom did!) It is a wee quilt. I forgot to measure but it was probably 30x40.

I was inspired by a blog to make a needle book. I think it was SMS a couple of months ago. I love this dainty little creation. It was quick which is about all I have time for right now.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marching On

While I haven't done much in the way of crafting in the past month we have been busy with school projects. This is IA's submission (1st grade). He picked the dot by Peter H. Reynolds. We love this book and it's sequel ish. He has written and illustrated many books. We also love the Judy Moody and Stink books by Megan MacDonald. We spent about a week working on art. Each making our own dots or "no dots". These are all his own work.

This is EJ's book fair submission (3rd grade). She chose heartbeat by Sharon Creech. We love this book and every other one we have read by her. We love her imagery and lyrical style. Bloomability is one that I really enjoyed but EJ hasn't read yet. She had a lot of fun leaving her footprints and painting this apple.

The other obsession is Box Tops for Education. I am the school coordinator and each month I am coming up with new ideas for rewards and challenges to keep the students excited. February was the Love Your School Challenge.
Here is my one sewing craft for the whole month! My sewing room is train wreck but it is on the mend, the machine is serviced and I just might get back on track.
I made this apron for a 1st grade party my son went to. Here is WH modeling it for me. Brown cordoroy with guitar fabric. The birthday boy is taking guitar lessons. This will be the gift for this year. Aprons. A mother at the party asked if I make them to sell. No. But I might. She said "Call me!"

So my question is how much do you charge for a custom child-size apron? I like the idea but there are so many things that stop me from doing business. Thoughts?
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February--Where did it go?

I am not sure where the 28 days of February went. It was a blur. We had a snow day with 4 inches! That is a lot for Alabama especially in February.
We made bookmarks for class Valentines. The kids personalized them on the back side then I laminated them. We may do this again next year with some variation. These ones came from a Microsoft template.
We had a birthday. WH turned 4! Lemon cake with lemon pudding and whip cream. Yum. Anyway, his dimple and smile help him to get away with much too much.

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