Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Aprons

These aprons are reversible. Note to self: dress better when you are being photographed and said photo will be posted!These aprons are LONG overdue. I think part of the reason is that I just hadn't found the right fabrics (or that is what I am telling myself!)

The vintage orange and white button on this one was a find in a bin of old buttons.
And these shoes were a "vintage" find for free! Too small for me but perfect for my friend so into the box they went with the apron.

Now this apron has a bit of a green organic feel. As in nature-like. The green button on this one is bigger than an inch and I had to wrangle the buttonhole to fit. Not my strong suit.

The Hedgehog is the first made of fleece animals from this book. This friend collects and adores these cute critters. While not as expert as her marvelous creations I am happy with it.

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