Friday, January 30, 2009

Dress Fabric Dilemma

So EJ is getting baptized in March and I am going to venture out to make her a dress. I have decided that it's not going to be white. I just want it to be a special dress. I've decided to combine two different 1950's party dress patterns. I am going to take the sleeve from the size 6 (no. 2) and the rest from the size 10 (no. 1). If only I could have found a size 8 but I am not going to buy more patterns, though there are lots on ebay.

We went fabric shopping the other day and it was less than successful. We did make some progress though. She would like either yellow or blue. Paisley or polka dots. Though I did find this great pintuck fabric in white. I refrained from buying it.

This is the paisley I have that she likes only it would be "great" in yellow. Hmm....Not as easy to find as I was hoping. I guess I have all of February to find the fabric and scramble to complete the dress in March.

Another thing, do I need to make a slip to go under this to make it fluffy? I am putting off thinking of how hard this is going to be until I finish some other projects.

I am going to try the mall and see if we can find anything that would fit the bill of great party dress that is wonderful and modest. But I think those kind of dresses are out of my price range! I remember this great pink and white dress that seriously twirled. My grandmother bought it for me as it was around $80. I loved that dress. That is the kind of feeling and memory I am going for.

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  1. That will be incredibly cute. Yellow paisley is hard to find, you can check online. I recently found a website that has a fantastic selection of apparal fabric for reasonable prices. Here is the website:

    A sad commentary on my life is that when I have a fabric in mind for a pattern I will never find it. I've finally realized I need to first find the fabric and then the pattern and my life is a little less stressful.

    Doing this won't be really hard, but it might take some practice where you are cutting down such a large pattern and adding a sleeve from a smaller size. One you have the larger pattern sized down and the sleeve bodice attached to cut the sleeve (I always mark on the pattern as I try it up to my girls) I use a trick my Mom taught me which was to make a practice one. Use some cheap broadcloth and make a bodice out of your modified pattern. Don't worry about finishing edges or anything like that. Basically you will sew the shoulder and side seams and then try it on her making sure it fits. It will save you a lot of hassle with the actual fabric.

    Then you will be able to cut and sew the actual dress without much hassle. This dress looks pretty easy to put together once you got the pattern right.

    As for the slip you will need to check the pattern. Some of these dresses are built with a slip in it (a pain) some just look fluffier than they actually are. I rarely attach a slip to a dress -- too much of a pain to wash and if you are going to go through the hassle you want to be able to use it for other dresses. Making a slip is relatively easy. Make a tank top with the neck wider & lower than the neck of the dress (II usually use lining fabric and just serge the edges) then add a gathered skirt shorter than the dress skirt, and gather some tulle and layer it on the slip, for a dress this length one or two rows should be good. Another option is to buy one at Dillards, although they are kind of pricey -- that is what I did for K's Christmas dress and it worked really well.

    I hope this is helpful -- good luck!