Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goal Update

Projects completed....
1. Elizabeth's fairy quilt
2. Nephew's quilt (much past due)
3. William's Quillow
4. Project Improve blocks
5. Bushfire blocks

Projects almost completed...
1. Rueben's quilt
2. Spencer's quilt
3. Trent's quilt

Projects ready to start...
1. Ian Flame quilt
2. Leslie's baby quilt
3. Lisa and Angelica's quilts (triangles cut)
4. Quilt for my Mom
5. Quilt for my Dad
6. Quilt for US!
7. Baby quilt for new niece or nephew
8. Pay it Forward gifts (still have one more...)

I think this list grew since the beginning of the year. I guess that is typical. I know there will be more ideas and projects that come up. But that is the fun of quilting and crafting. Here's to more success this year.

I am going to restrain myself from blogging again until all three almost complete quilts are complete. See you in a week (hopefully!)

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