Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crochet Hook Storage Bag Tutorial

I did this thinking it would be easy and quick. It was but I see now writing this out that I should have taken more pictures. More step-by-step would have been good. Though not many people will see this so I guess my deficiency at this first attempt will be okay.

I started this project with 2 fat quarters. With the right sides together sew using a 1/4" seam allowance leaving a 3" opening. Trim the corners and flip right side out. Press making sure the opening is nicely lined up. Top stitch around the outside edge. I had my needle set to the far right and ran the edge of the fabric along the inside edge of the presser foot.

Here it is flipped and top-stitched. Next you will need to fold up the bottom 1/3 to accommodate your hooks. Sew pockets about 1" apart all along the width of the fabric. I left the last two wider to accommodate scissors etc.

Next you will fold down the top part to cover the hooks. This will keep them from falling out. Fold it down and pin. Then top-stitch the whole side shut.

Finally you will need to add a ribbon or yarn to tie the whole case closed. At first I put tie right in the middle of the case. That didn't work. It has to be almost all the way to one end. I think it was about 3" from the end. Secure it down with some stitching. Roll it up and tie it with a bow!
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