Friday, April 1, 2011

Project: Simplify Hot Spot #4: Pantry and Fridge

I had to start with this photo because it is a huge job finally done!  So much unnecessary paper in boxes.  There will be more to do but that was an 1 1/2 hours of shredding.  Poor machine.  Now on to the Hot Spot of the week.

Simple Mom is awesome and had us do the pantry and fridge this week. The challenge was working around the kids this week during spring break.  It took longer than it should have but I wrote down everything we have that is food related.  Not sure when I'll catalog it all but its a start and I found things that we need to re-stock.  I made notes on most of the photos so click to read them if you wish.
Fridge Before.

After.  Cleaned and re-organized. AH.
In the basement we have the beginnings of long term food storage.  I love the space but it can get unruly too.  Before.
After.  Rounded up the vitamins to one box, the cleaning supplies to one area, and generally re-grouped all of the items we have.  It's time to get some more cereal and a few other staples.
Noticed more food on my way back upstairs.  The canning we did last year and the canning supplies.
I forgot the before picture here but it was a mess.  Everything is nicely contained now and labeled in the spice cupboard.
The beast...The pantry before:

After!!  I want a new shelf on the top right to house some more items.
My newly freed beans all beautifully labeled.  I had all of the jars in another cupboard.  Don't know why I was hoarding but they finally came in handy!!
Love how it all turned out.  So much work! Now to just enter all of the food items and make a food inventory that will work for us will be the really challenging part!  Maybe by this summer.

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