Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot Spot #1: Before and After

Behind the door is our closet.  It's size lends itself to MUCH clutter and accumulation.  So I tackled my half this week and was amazed at how many clothes I have.
11 Dresses, 3 Blazers, 17 skirts, 48 shirts, 11 pants, 17 sweaters and cardigans and two totes of socks and other random clothes.  Whoa.  I had no idea how much I had stashed away.
Here is my half before.
Here is what I pulled out.  A bed full of clothes and two totes and a bunch of stuff that doesn't belong but got there by space default.  It is still stacked in our entryway (kids clothes both too big and too small, picture frames, tripods, bedding, hammock, empty shoe boxes, books and birthday gifts.) 
I really like how the empty closet looks though maybe a little bare.
Here is all the the clothes back in and re-folded.  There is still a bit much but some of the pieces will probably go in the next round but I wasn't quite ready to part with them yet!
After count:
8 dresses, 1 blazer, 7 skirts, 35 shirts, 4 pants, 15 sweaters and cardigans.
This was used for baby blankets and and the like.  It now houses my sweaters, cardigans and running and gardening clothes.  I love how tidy and contained they are now.
Here is what I purged out.  Three boxes of clothes and three pair of shoes.
Here is another after picture with everything back in.  I  got down to one tote.  The kids clothes are on the right and some seasonal jackets.  My husbands newly folded t-shirts, gardening clothes and sweaters (you're welcome!) are on the top right.
Here is the final stack.  Some random toys, linens (selling on ebay) and a box of kids books that I purged last week.
Overall I would say this was a success.  I am moving on to the linen closet but I am taking pictures as I go!! It all has to fit back in there.  I hope it only takes one day and not three like the wardrobe did.
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  1. Wow! What awesome results! That was a lot of work. It looks so great! :)

  2. You want to come do my house next?:) Actually, moving is a good thing when it comes to simplifying.