Monday, April 19, 2010

Two More

I just finished two more aprons. One for my nephew who just turned 7. He asked me last fall to make him a pirate quilt! I am too far behind to oblige that request and came up with this solution instead. Pirate ships on one side and cute pirates on the other. You can't see it in detail but the button is an old brass one. Very fitting.
The second apron got a bit of an overhaul in production. I mean I made the ties for the waist the full 45" width so the kids can tie and untie it themselves. I think this will be used all the future aprons. It was a last minute gift that worked out perfectly. The birthday boy loves frogs!
These take about one hour to make if I don't have machine troubles or get interrupted by any of the 4 kiddos.

You may ask: Do your kids love their aprons? I will have to say I haven't yet made any for my own kids! Maybe I'll make them for the kids for Mother's Day.
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  1. Make their aprons for the day before then they can wear them while they make you Mothers Day breakfast :)

  2. Dear Cynthia:

    (1) your aprons are sweet darlings (love the pirate fabric)

    (2) I think you'd like the birth story going on here: It's pretty awesome (baby Ever born last week, now daily installments of the story)