Friday, November 13, 2009

Project update for 2009

So, I've finished a few small projects but the the big ones that really need to be done are't quite there yet. I would love to add links to the posts for all of these but I may never get the post up if I do! The same for pictures with the post. Maybe the next one.

Projects completed....
1. Elizabeth's fairy quilt
2. Nephew's quilt (much past due)
3. William's Quillow
4. Project Improv blocks
5. Bushfire blocks
6. Rueben's quilt
6. Spencer's quilt
7. Trent's quilt
8. Leslie's baby quilt
9. Quilt for my Mom
10. Quilt for my Dad
11. Baby quilt for new niece or nephew

Projects In Progress...
1. Ian Flame quilt
2. Lisa and Angelica's quilts (triangles cut)
3. L &A Pillow cases to match
4. Pay it Forward gifts (still have one more to give...)
5. Baby Boy Unsicker's quilt
6. About a dozen others in various stages of completion!

Projects in the Wings...
1. Quilt for US!
2. Adam's Quillow
3. Bathrobes and slippers
4. Spencer's Christmas Stocking
5. Ian's twin quilt
6. Charlie's citrus quillow
7. Burbank Christmas gift
8. 10 Aprons
9. Small I Spy quilt

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