Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Thomas' Quilt

Our newest Nephew was born on the 8th and the package is ready to go out to him today. Here is the quilt and what I've included for the first time parents. The blocks are for his Christmas gift. These blocks are great. My 13 month old kicks these around and chases them. I added bells to these too. I made a little bag to put them all in. The great gift is the blocks all wrapped up. Then I had the kids paint a small (3"x4") canvas each in the blue and brown nursery colors. Then there is a bunch of goodies for a new wee one and mom too! Long sleeve onesies with ties sewn on (not the one I had orginally seen but this is good. I left my tie loose so he can chew on it), a bird (I added a bell and it makes a great chew toy), bibs (I need to make the neck bigger on the next ones), diaper clutch and of course the quilt. Pictures below are quilt front, back and the onesies.

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