Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The First (and Second)

Carol over at a scot in tennesee featured me this week in her blog hop post. She asked that I talk a bit about the beginnings. This is the first quilt I made. It was for my BIL for his wedding. I began quilting back in August of 2001. The wedding was in the middle of September 2001. I had about a month to choose fabric, cut, piece and quilt. Squares should be simple right? For the most part I like this quilt. Love the colors. I did my best but lets just say I really should make them another quilt! I hand tied it during the reception! I think it was supposed to be queen sized but I'm not sure what the dimensions ended up being. I have learned a great deal since this first quilt. I am still okay with being imperfect in quilting. If I worried about perfection I would never get any quilts done.

This star quilt was started at the same time (or shortly thereafter) for my brother who happened to get married a week earlier than Scott's brother. I was unable to attend his wedding because I was going to fly out on 9/11. I would run through the emotions of not being able to attend and the awe over what happened that day but we were all there. There was no way for me to get on a plane let alone cross the border to Canada. This star quilt I jumped into head first like so many of my quilts. I thought stars? Diamonds? What can be so hard about this? Well it was a little harder than planned but I love the way it turned out. It was all strip pieced and I hand quilted part of it then ran out of time so machine quilted the rest of it. My sister and her husband came to visit from Banff and they took it and delivered it for me. I think the quilt hung on the wall for a long time. Their apartment had a dark wood paneled wall. It helped to brighten up the place.
I dove into quilting head first and have never looked back. I still love the creation process.
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  1. Thanks Cynthia. I remember both of them well :)

  2. I remember that first one, I am so glad you have a picture of it!! I especially remember the second one, I was in awe of how you tackled this for your second quilt. I was amazed and still am!!