Monday, August 31, 2009

IBOL Packaged

What I had to fit in the boxes. I made a little felt piece to hold some pins and various needles.

The empty and patiently waiting boxes. I was amazed at how much I fit in the boxes. Lots and lots of fabric and sewing notions will soon be making their way east.

I was wrapping up when I saw my birds left from last Christmas. So I stuck one* in each bundle as a little surprise. *(this one was made by a friend and stayed with me.)

The one I had originally thought to send turned into two and then three! I really hope they are received well and can be used. I could fill more boxes but 3 will have to do for this time.
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  1. Good for you Cynthia. A very worthwhile opportunity.

  2. any chance you would send me the APO address for IBOL guy? I've left 2 comments, but so far no response. In the meantime, I've gottent about a dozen friends to go out and buy their boxes and we have started packing!

    thank you!