Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dress update and A Doll Quilt

We finally chose yellow eyelet for the dress for EJ. Oy. Way too many choices. I have yet to cut it out! IS that bad? I'm sure I can get it done in two weeks. I just forgot how many, many steps there are to sewing clothes. It will be wonderful when it is done. So wonderful (I hope) that she will forget about the one she saw at the store and really liked.
I made this little doll quilt over the weekend just because. I like the red binding but not the print. Good learning anyway. I still have to hand sew the binding on. Just haven't felt the urge to hand sew yet. Inspired by this blogger who gives a great tutorial on doll bedding including pillows!!


  1. really love the doll quilt
    because loving red & black this year
    and I love mostly-white-with-patchwork

    would be a cool bedspread/duvet: just insert a long, off center vertical line of great fabrics in a solid...

    (offer on house ACCEPTED last night, so I'm feeling all nesty) eek.

  2. Thanks for stopping off at my blog :) It's about time the world was getting to see your fabulous quilts and how you go about making them !!!!!!!

    So I have to show Kris the pillowcase tutorial. That's the next thing to make on her sewing list.