Monday, November 5, 2012

Abstract Art Session

Saw this great painting on Pinterest today and I knew that I had to try it out.  Over at Craft Pond Margo gave a wonderful tutorial about making abstract art using acrylics.  I have never seen this site before but it looks great from what I have perused.

What was going to be a quick quiet time for me turned into three hours of me and the kids taking turns painting!  Good times.

My attempts at abstract art. The bottom left was the first one I tried.  The top far right is on a did and then redid and I like how it turned out with the redo.  It reminds of a a prairie fire.
These are by our 6 year old son.  It was interesting to watch him and how much he blended.  He then wanted to do a sea scape with a sunset (top left.)  I think the top right one would make a great fabric print.

These are by our 11 year old daughter. She is the most artistically inclined so far.  The top two are her abstracts.  The way she curved her brush strokes remind me of marbled paper.  The bottom two were inspired by art we saw at an art show this weekend. 

These are by our 9 year old son.  He really blended the first painting to a very uniform color.  Very meticulously blending the paint blobs with same brush stroke.  In the end we had to add more blue and green to cover a blob that dried before he got to it.  It has a lot of movement inspite of the super blended color.


These are by our 4 year old.  Top left was his first painting. It reminds me of a sunset in the forest with a tree off on the right side.

Here are just a few of the the process.  It really was fun to watch how each approached this and how they turned out final products and what each considered done.

We had a great time and I think we will be doing this again.  Maybe on a larger scale next time.  These were all on small sheets. 1/2 9x12 sheets of watercolor paper and some smaller trading card sizes. 
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