Friday, September 28, 2012

A Day in the Life--Turning 4

This little monkey of ours is a joy and keeps us so busy sometimes it's hard to keep up. 

I have a tradition (well I try) to take a picture of the kids first thing when they wake up on their birthdays and right when they go to bed. 

 At the park we saw snapping turtles while we were feeding geese.  I've never seen them come up so close and eat! Then there was climbing to be had adn moment of quiet contemplation.  And to put an end to our park outing, he went "fishing" which turned into wading. Sigh.

Lemon cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting and lemon curd and whip cream.  Very tasty. Phone calls from cousins and grandparents and cousins.  It was  very good day. 
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