Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project: Simplify Week 2: Kitchen and Pantry

This week was the week of the pantry and fridge. We had an unexpected trip across the country last week and I missed out on tackling the kids stuff with purpose.  It might get done over spring break!
I came to the very sad realization that I haven't really scrubbed the fridge in a very LONG time.  Yikes.
Here we have the fridge and freezer. Not bad at first glance, but it was WAY overdue for a scrub. On top of the fridge are two sets of drawers that hold our serving spoons, hot pads, small knives, measuring utensils etc.  They too got a scrub and a re-organizing.
It may not look like it changed much but there is actually room to put things in now!  The freezer has so much space  and everything is back in its place.  
Outside.  I picked up this vinyl chalkboard decal at Target on clearance on  Wednesday night!  Sweet.  It will be interesting to see how it holds up.
Pantry.  I love the pantry in this house.  Last year I put in shelf liners that have held up well. I did a little tossing here but mostly just repackaging and reorganizing. I did move some items to the basement food storage.
Top where we keep snacks, bread, cereal and all the dry beans.
After.  Much nicer and consolidated.
Bottom of the pantry Before.
Bottom after.  Again so much more room!  Still not perfect but it's great. I can find everything again!
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