Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Plan = No Action

Side one
I have decided that not having a plan for my life is leading to a serious lack of action. I feel like this little guy.

I have been watching Scott get it together on paper, as in returning to his Franklin planner to get it all done. As much as I like my iPhone (actually love it but mostly it is a distraction) I need a return to physically being organized. I need to be away from the computer or I get lost in blogland and surfing and have not one bit of self control. As a result I spend all my time looking and wishing and not DOING anything constructive or productive or useful. I am behind on my on-line class (just started but can't get logged in), my calling (assistant camp director for the ward--EEK), and my service at the kids school (Box tops for education, labels for education and MCR). Not to mention the creative pile that is my shared sewing room (another post for that.)

Okay enough venting, then to quickly mention the remaining monsters shown below and then to run from the computer!
I was surfing one day and came across the super cute fleece monsters.  I knew that I needed to make some for the kids.  I gave them on Christmas Eve with the blankets they are laying on.  Ian wanted a two-sided monster because he couldn't decide on one eye or two! 

This is side two.

Elizabeth really wanted to use this leopard print.  Then it had to have hot pink hair and boots.  A nod to a good friend of ours.  She also has eyelashes!

William wanted a really big saber tooth smile and one eye

Spencer got to have the super monster with a mask and a goofy, toothy smile.
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I clearly have issues.  This post has taken over an hour!  Kids, phone calls and emails.  Oy.

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  1. Too cute and creative! I've been thinking about going back to paper too, I just seem to be more on top of things when I have that physical reminder.