Monday, September 27, 2010


So I guess I should say it's been a busy summer and the thought of trying to blog all the fun things we've been doing is too much. I have lots of fun things to post if I ever find the time!

So SR is 2. I am on my last box of Huggies and I've had enough of paying for diapers. I decided to try my hand a making my own cloth diapers. I have most of the supplies for this at home. I did have to buy the PUL and velcro. This is the first one. I used this pattern from Wee Weka. It needs a little more tweeking with the placement of velcro etc. As far as a pocket diaper goes it seems to be alright. I might try some other types as I go along. The only type of PUL that I can get locally is white so I added a layer of calico to make it cuter! The inside is lined with a microfleece that I have had for ages and didn't know what to do with it. Turns out its great for cloth diapering!

I will hopefully be able to order some touch tape and try it's superior sticking power. The insert (aka soaker) is three layers of cotton batting wrapped in two layers of flannel. We'll see how it does. I will be trying out microfiber (wrapped in flannel) to see if it really is better at absorbing.

Cloth diapering. What do you think?
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  1. Cloth diapering. Being that we have 3 children and want 4 more, I think there's a landfill with our name on it filled with the most biodegradable substance, packaged in the most non-biodegradable diaper. And this thought makes me feel like I have a responsibility to take care of my families waste better. However, cleaning out poo from potty training accidents makes me so mad that I think my family might not survive cloth diapers. Also, can the stink EVER completely come out of the cloth? Because many babies I know who wear cloth diapers seem to always stink a little bit. And the time involved in cleaning those diapers must be great. Time I've decided I'm not willing to pull from other areas.
    But I think that you doing cloth diapering is a great idea.
    Final vote: no for me, yes for you